Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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I have to admit: I have never put up a Christmas tree so early in my whole life. In Brazil we would put up the small ones, about 3 weeks before Christmas at the earliest! This is my second Christmas with my husband here in the US, and my 7th year in the US altogether, so by now I'm pretty americanized.

So we finished putting up our tree today and I realized: "we have no tree top ornament!" Again, in Brazil we would have cared less, but here I am all out! So I decided I really wanted a start and I wanted it now.

I spent a while trying to find a how-to for making a star out of paper, since I had the idea in my head and the card stock. I wanted the five point one. After patiently looking for a good how-to, I finally found not only a how-to, but the template ready to print out here! PERFECT!

After using some Photoshop to add the patterns to the template, printing them out and somehow making them stick together with glue and tape, here is the result:

Click here for the template.

In less than 40 minutes I pulled off a star for our tree, which I'm actually pretty happy about it. and by the way, don't you love that cow ornament? I got it from my SIL last year and am totally in love with it.

Now there is a tree for a pretty and cozy place :)

Oh and yeah, Happy Thanksgiving!