Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I really need a place to just write whatever I have in my creativity bubbling mind. And right now I just need a place to post pictures of these tech things I want this Christmas! And yes, of course, they are all pretty ..

I just found a link for tech gift ideas on Design Sponge and I really love a lot of those.

Here we go. The first one I like is this awesome charging station:

Not only have I ALWAYS wanted a grass tray for decoration purposes, but this is like double win! And guess what? Only $24.99!

My second one is this super cute and practical magnetic timer from Anthropologie:

How cute is that? Besides the fact Anthropologies is one of my favorite stores, I could really use a new cute magnet AND a timer. This baby is also only $12.

Lastly, these cute tulip USB hubs are totally not something I am in dire need for, but very cute!

Now tell me that doesn't shout "Stocking Stuffer"?

So yeah, these three surprisingly girly tech gifts will be added to my MASTER Christmas wish list, which I shall me posting here later.