Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So I decided to try my hand at the "Melted Rainbow Art" (originally created by artist Jessica Kerbawy ) that I had seen online and added my own "twist". It's a very easy and fun way to make your own art. 

All you need is a canvas, crayons, a hair dryer, tape and if you want to get adventurous, paint and brush. 

I started by taping all the crayons on top of the canvas coordinating as much as I could by the color of the rainbow.

Then I propped the canvas against the wall and on top of plastic so that it wouldn't get the floor messy, set my blow dryer to low and started "blow drying" it. The wax will start to melt and create a very cool effect. 

I then took the crayons out of the top and instead painted a blue strip once the wax dried and drizzled white paint over with. 

And Voila! You have created your own masterpiece ;)

I think it would look especially cute at a children's room or a Craft room.