Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Inspiring Craft Table

I've been wanting a desk for my crafts that would also be big enough for sewing. I found this big desk below at a Thrift Store and bought it for $10. It was kind of an eye sore and not at all inspiring but I had plans for it :)

It had been siting in my guest/craft room for about a month and today I finally had the time to work on it.

So I started with two coats of Primer. I usually don't sand because the Primer pretty much does the job. I used this one:

Here's the work in progress: 

As you can see, when you add the first coat of primer, it doesn't look good at all. But after the second coat you start getting an even color.

After adding two coats of primer with a roller brush, I added one coat of white paint with a regular paint brush  as well as painted the handles with Aqua Pearl paint medium by Martha Stewart.

I then applied a top coat to protect the finish and that's it! In less than 3 hours I got myself a pretty Inspiring craft table!!  :)

Can't wait to start crafting!


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  1. I realize that this post is quite old, but I love your craft table...particularly the aqua handles!!!


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