Friday, December 2, 2011


Have you found your Christmas spirit yet? Well, I hope so because this post is all about it!

This year we got a new Christmas tree (which I love!) from Martha Stewart. I know, I know, it's not a real tree but like I said last year, it doesn't really make a difference for me since I did not grow up with real Christmas trees in Brazil anyway. So this is pretty darn good for me. I do want to have a real Christmas tree eventually, but maybe when we get a house with a bigger space... 

So this is our living room with our new Christmas tree (I hate these couches by the way, but we will get new ones this coming year, hopefully!).

And this is our living room after it snowed in!!

Yep, I used fake snow on our tree this year again! And the best thing is, I didn't have to buy a new bag. I  saved all the fake snow I used last year in plastic bags and re-used again. I love this look! I don't know why more people don't do it. The fake snow is super cheap ( I bought mine at Target) and it's very easy to do!

And THIS is my Star Tree Topper that I made this afternoon :) I didn't use the last one I made for my tutorial, because I didn't like the way the gold spray paint looked on it, so I made a new one and added some bling on it. If you want to know how to make it, you can see the full instructions in my tutorial here

And this is the picture I took using the tips from Augusttea Photography. I love the way it makes the lights sparkle. I used my tripod and took it with a slow shutter speed of 15 seconds. 

She also give this tip on how to take this awesome picture of your tree out of focus. Looks awesome doesn't it?

If you are still looking for more Christmas ideas to awaken your Christmas spirit, you can also check out my board "Holiday Ideas" on Pinterest. It's full of cute ideas I find in there, specially if you are into crafts and DIY. 

Only 22 days til Christmas!!



  1. Love the fake snow! And your tree topper is really cute - I want to make one too. :)

  2. Thanks!! You should make one and post a picture so we can see it :)

  3. Love it. The tree looks great! I need to try those photos tips.

  4. so so pretty! thanks for linking up with us!

  5. Your home is gorgeous and the tree looks amazing! Fake snow is so fun :)

  6. Love it! Very cute. I just found your blog from the nest and wanted to say that you are very talented and make redoing pieces seem not as daunting. I always thought that I would have to spend weeks upon weeks sanding something down - but the fact that you've painted things just using primer is very encouraging! I added you to my google reader. thanks!

  7. Kathy, thank you SO much!! It means a lot when my posts can actually inspire people :)


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