Friday, October 14, 2011


So a couple of weeks ago I had told you about a handmade grandfather's clock that I had bought at my husband's thrift store for less than 5 bucks. 

Yesterday I finally decided to do something with it and I think I'm pretty happy with the results. 

Here's the before picture of the clock, with the tags still on:

And here is the after...Ta-da!! 

I had to photoshop a pretty wallpaper on the background since my apartment doesn't really have a wall big enough and pretty enough to "showcase" my creation ;)

Here is a close-up: 

It took me one bottle of sample paint by Martha Stewart, a paint brush, a sand paper, printed patterns and Mod Podge to make this happen. Not bad for less than 10 bucks, huh? I think it would look great in a Nursery or children's room. The inside of the bottom cabinet actually had children's drawings in it :)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go clean up all the mess this makeover left behind!



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